From back and neck pain to digestive disorders to chronic headaches and migraines, Our wellness care programs are a safe, natural and drug-free approach to wellness and healing proven effective for over 75 years.


Even the slightest structural damage to the body can cause an assortment of health-related problems, pain, and/or mobility issues for an individual.  Fort Bend Corrective Health Center has been specializing in the identification, treatment, and the correction of all types of structural damage for over 10 years! 


Are you experiencing any of these symptoms:


Headaches or Migraines

Neck Pain

Low Back Pain

Digestive Issues




You may be a candidate for Wellness Care!

Why do over 100 patients per day, from all over the Fort Bend County area, choose Fort Bend Corrective Health Center?  In a word…RESULTS!  For over 10 years our methodology of treatment has been rooted in time tested techniques and rehabilitation modalities designed to achieve very rapid changes in overall health!  Our wellness plan is a three-step process that gently, deliberately, and gradually guides the patient through the healing process so their body can grow stronger and stronger with each visit to the clinic.    

STEP ONE:  Stabilization of Spinal Degeneration/Deterioration

During the First Phase of treatment, the doctor’s goal is to STABILIZE the patient’s spine from further damage and help the patient become accustomed to having their spine treated. 

STEP TWO:  Rehabilitation of the Spine & Cervical Curve Correction 

During the Second Phase of treatment, the doctor’s goal is to begin the REHABILITATION process of the patient’s entire spine, which will include correction of all vertebral SUBLUXATIONS, but most importantly…restore proper curvature to the patient’s cervical part of their spine (neck).

STEP THREE:  Neuromuscular Re-Education & 360° Spinal Correction

During the Third Phase of treatment, the doctor’s goal is to begin the Neuromuscular Re-Education process of the patient’s muscular-skeletal system to pair with continued rehabilitation of the patient’s entire spine.  

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